Gabbi's Success Story

Gabbi's Success Story



Gabbi first joined BMF Army Prep in January after trying to get herself ready for the Assessment Centre and realising she needed the help and push to motivate herself. She found is reassuring to speak to others who are going through the same thing as her and has made some great friends who she speaks to daily.

Since joining the programme Gabbi noticed a big difference in her approach to training for the assessment as the weeks went by. She took part in our webinars which were motivational, gave her tips on her running and on general army life and these also helped with having someone check in with how her training was going and giving general advice.

She found that the hardest part of the assessment for her was her mindset when coming to the bleep test. After ‘bleep test week’ where all the workouts and webinars were about overcoming the mental block, she found she was hitting her new personal bests and felt a lot more confident with that part of the test.

She used the pre-recorded workouts every day and as they progressed, she found she was able to really keep up and could feel herself getting stronger each time she did the workouts.

Gabbi stated that “The lives were really useful as each coach had a different approach to the workouts, so you were always trying something new whilst working hard. Getting a chance to ask the coaches as many questions as possible and hear about their army careers was interesting and a great chance to see what our army careers could possibly look like”.

Gabbi now has a place in the army and will still be using the platform, as she has found the webinars are always teaching her something new that she knows will help her and be useful in her army career!

Well done Gabbi!