Millies Success Story!

Millies Success Story!

We absolutely love hearing your success stories and how the BMF Army Prep platform has helped each and every one of you to pass you assessments!

Millie was using our platform to help her train and get ready for her assessments. Our platform is designed to help build up strength, your core and stamina for all 3 of the assessment tests.

Millie stated that BMF helped her to get fitter and stronger for her assessment by helping her build her upper body strength as well as stamina with a wide variety of exercises which were extremely helpful at home and outdoor! She benefitted from BMF by learning new techniques and exercises which all helped to increase her overall fitness.

The BMF army pre videos were the most helpful to Millie, as when she was preparing herself for the assessment, they showed her how to carry out each activity which she was tested on each day, especially her Mid-Thigh Pull! As well as this Millie joined in with our live workouts and said they were extremely motivating and that it is much more exciting than doing exercises and workouts alone, especially during Covid times.

We asked Millie what the most useful part of the BMF Army Prep platform was and her response was: ‘The most useful part of the BMF training programme for me is the enhancement in my stamina and overall fitness levels! The programme has helped me significantly improve in my upper body workouts and even runs and other exercises!

 Well done Millie!