Interval 1

Interval 1

Before you start the programme, it is important to complete the MSFT so that you can see where you are and how much you need to improve. This will also help you to track your progress. Ensure you complete another MSFT on completion of the programme.

Week No

Session Number



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Week 1

Run 1

Interval 1



30 mins

Warm Up

Brisk walk 2-3 minutes into gentle jog

5 mins

Main Part

Level 1 – Beginner (new to exercise) 2 minutes of walking – 8 minutes of running x 2

Level 2 – Intermediate (Relatively fit) 1 minute walking – 9 minutes running x 2

Level 3 – Advanced (Very fit) 20 minutes running

20 mins

Cool Down

Jog/walk 2-3 mins

Static Stretches – 30 sec hold:

5 mins


This programme has been designed to be completed as part of the BMF Army Prep 6-week programme. To get best results and improve your MSFT performance, you must complete the on demand ‘Benchmark Fitness’ workouts and the Live ‘Functional Strength Sessions’.