Building up your fitness levels with Bear Grylls!

Building up your fitness levels with Bear Grylls!

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Military Fit are ecstatic to be given the opportunity to get you all get fit and ready for your Army careers. We’re here to build your fitness levels and your confidence, so that you’re ready for anything!

We will be running competitions, rep challenges, live workouts, and plenty more to help you along your journey.

Keep an eye out on our social media (@bmfarmyprep) for all the latest updates and competitions to win some amazing prices along your fitness journey!

On Monday 11th January we ran our first Live Session with Bear Grylls to help boost those fitness levels and wash away any January blues.

The first live session was extremely successful and all participants thoroughly enjoyed it.

It included a mixture of different moves to help you build up your fitness and strength levels to be able to complete the 3 assessments to the best of your ability and to utilise all the power you have. Including lower body exercises to help build the muscle needed for the Mid-Thigh Pull and upper body for the MedBall throw. All the moves which were executed within today's live workout will help to build muscle and strength to get you through the assessments.

 The live session ended with a live Q+A Session with Bear himself. This gave all participants time to ask any questions they had regarding BMF or any general fitness/nutrition advice from Bear. This was a great opportunity for Bear and everyone to communicate and to come together as a team! To catch up on the session from today please see the zoom link:

Then the access code @IX+5@B5

Make sure you don’t miss the next live workout with Bear and come with your questions prepared! Keep an eye out on our social media and the platform to book yourself in for the next live session.