Pros and Cons to Protein Shakes

Pros and Cons to Protein Shakes

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Most people consume protein shakes to build muscle mass and strength and to also improve their physical performance. 

Protein shakes are a brisk and efficient way to get a bigger dose of protein before or after you do a workout. 

Shakes provide an extra bit of protein to help build your muscle after exercise, which will block loss of muscle during weight loss. 

If you were to have a protein shake after your workout, this will provide the nutrition building blocks from your muscles which need to recover and then rebuild. 

Building muscle, preventing muscle damage and recovery after endurance exercise are the 3 ways which protein shakes are known to work and why people consume them. 

Some good/popular brands of Protein powder: (there are SO many different brands out there, just make sure if you go for one, go for one you will like)

- Myprotein 
- Womens Best
- Protein world
- Misfits

Protein shakes can be quite high in calories, so this is something to watch out for. If you mix your protein powder with water this will decrease the calories making it much more reasonable. 

If you get your protein intake in other ways, then having a protein shake isn't necessarily needed! 

We hope this gives you a little bit more clarity on protein shakes. If you have anymore questions regarding this topics, please let us know and we can forward onto our nutritionist Gaz.