8 Week Maintenance Plan Introduction

Congratulations on completing the physical assessments at Assessment Centre and making the decision to join the Army Prep platform. We have developed a Maintenance Plan specifically for recruits like you who have some time to wait before joining the Army. This plan will help you maintain your fitness levels while you prepare to join.

The Maintenance Plan includes:

  1. Live fitness sessions: Engage in these sessions to develop the necessary fitness required for Basic Training.
  2. Weekly webinars: Join informative webinars covering fitness and preparation for Basic Training.
  3. Fitness assessments: Take part in simple assessments to track your progress and stay on track.

When you are approaching your joining date, you will be automatically transferred to the 8 Week Preparation plan. This plan is crucial as your final preparations for Basic Training, setting you up for a successful long-term career with the Army. 

What's next?

  1. Return to the plan page and begin your maintenance journey.
  2. Aim to participate in all plan activities to build a stronger foundation for Basic Training.
  3. Completing the Maintenance Plan will allow you to maintain your fitness levels, stay active with our live sessions, and get ready for your 8 Week Preparation Plan.
  4. Explore useful information on training and recovery to avoid fatigue or overtraining. Take advantage of lighter movement-based classes if needed.

Remember, everything you do now contributes to your strength and readiness for Basic Training. Stay focused and committed to achieving your goals.

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