8 Week Preparation Plan Introduction

Your joining date is getting close, now is the perfect time to prepare for Basic Training so you can start strong.

This 8-week plan gives you the best possible chance of being prepared for the Army. It includes benchmark assessments that are specific to the assessments you'll be doing at Basic Training, helping you to be well-prepared.

In week 1 of Basic Training, you will complete the Multi-Stage Fitness Test, Mid Thigh Pull, and Med Ball Throw. Even if you've completed these before, it's important not to rest now. A lot can change between your original assessment and Basic Training, so it's best to continue preparing yourself.

Basic Training involves not only running sessions but also spending a lot of time on your feet. This plan includes a series of running sessions to help you prepare for the physical demands of Basic Training.

So what’s in the plan?

If you're already physically active, have a great routine, and feel confident about joining, don't stop what you're already doing. However, aim to review the plan and, at a minimum, complete the following:

  1. Complete the benchmark tests to track your progress.
  2. Take part in the webinars to learn more.
  3. Join the live Functional Fitness classes to improve your exercise technique and be ready for the physical training sessions at Basic Training.
If you feel there's room for improvement and need more support, aim to:

  1. Join the live fitness classes like RUN FIT and MIL FIT, which are specific to your army fitness preparation. You may also find the other fitness classes a great addition to your training regime

Good luck and stay focused on the plan so you Start Strong!

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