Overview of your 8 week preparation plan

The 8 week preparation plan is designed for candidates who are in the final stages of getting ready to start basic training. In week 1 of Basic Training, you will complete the Multi-Stage Fitness Test, Mid Thigh Pull, and Med Ball Throw. Even if you've completed these before, it's important not to rest now. A lot can change between your original assessment and Basic Training, so it's best to continue preparing yourself.

This plan will help you prepare both physically and mentally for Basic Training.

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Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Starting your plan
Familiarise yourself with the plan and complete the benchmark fitness tests to start tracking your progress. You'll come back to these in Week 5.
Adapting to the plan
Now you've set your baseline it's time to focus on developing your strength and running fitness.
Building on a good start
You should be in the flow now, keep going.
Your first 2k run test week
Pace yourself this week and put in a strong 2k run time. The 2k run is a good indication of your fitness and is often used in Basic Training as a benchmark.
Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Benchmark test week
You've put the effort in so it's time to see how you're progressing with the benchmark fitness tests.
Keep building
Back to the plan this week with a good variety of sessions and an increase in running sessions.
The final stretch!
Not long to go now before you join the Army. Keep ticking off the sessions and prepare well for the final week of the plan.
The last week
It's a big week for you with various fitness tests throughout the week. These will give you a good indication of your progress. Good Luck!