Our plans are designed for candidates looking to improve and maintain their physical and mental fitness levels in preparation for starting basic training.

Overview of your 6 week plan

The 6 week development plan is designed for candidates who are preparing for the assessment centre tests.  This plan will help you prepare both physically and mentally. 

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Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Starting your plan
In week 1 you will familiarise yourself with the sessions and start the journey towards completing your plan. There is a focus on education as well as exercise.
Adapting to the plan
In week 2 you're still learning how to get the best from your plan, but you’re also stepping up the session intensity.
Building on a good start
In week 3 you should be up and running and into your stride with this plan. Now it's time to up the effort.
Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
The half way mark
Your halfway and going well. Stick with the plan to prepare well.
2 Weeks to go!
You should be building confidence and feeling much better with your preparation for the assessment center now. Keep it going.
The last week
It's your last week of this 6-week plan. Great work, let's finish strong.