Health Warning

If you've you've been directed to this page from assessment then please see your GP before continuing with any training.

At BMF we want to ensure you have the safe and highly effective training experience.

If you have highlighted an issue in the initial assessment an automated email will be sent to our team who will be in touch shortly to establish whether you're fit to train and determine the most suitable training programme for you.

If, since taking the assessment you have sustained an injury or have any health concerns, please stop training immediately, seek advice from your Doctor and email out team at:

Advice & Guidance:

Never train when feeling ill or overly fatigued
If you have concerns STOP and seek advice fro you Doctor
Ensure you rest and properly recover between sessions
Do NOT train if you've consumed alcohol or are feeling the effects of excess consumption
Follow the nutrition guide to ensure you're eating the right type and quantity of foods
Drink a minimum of 10 cups of water a day

BMF Digital by BMF Human Performance is a digital health and fitness service for Be Military Fit franchise members. As a holder of a BMF monthly subscription you have access to this platform. To access the platform please use the same login details used to login to your BMF membership services.

If you require support logging into your account please contact your franchise owner.

If you make changes to your membership login details please allow up to 30 minutes to access BMF Digital.

Pay per session or block booking sessions do not receive access to BMF Digital.